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Issue Alert - Consumer Reports Study Questions Ground Beef Safety

"How Safe is Your Ground Beef?," an article from Consumer Reports (CR), concludes that "conventional ground beef is twice as likely to contain superbugs as sustainable beef." CR says its researchers sampled 300 packages of retail ground beef for the presence of bacteria and analyzed them for antimicrobial resistance. As a result of their findings, CR urges readers to look for beef products labeled as "grass-fed organic" to ensure that cattle have eaten only organically-grown grass and forage and have not received antibiotics or hormones.

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The ENGAGE Resource Center provides a platform for those in agriculture and the food industry to actively respond to issues or misinformation in the media, or online. Through this program, those in the industry serve as a “voice of reason” for situations that call for those involved in today's food system to “set the record straight” through immediate and thorough response.



  • Issue Alert: New Study Linking Soy Oil to ObesityJuly 23, 2015

    Researchers at the University of California-Riverside released results of a study that found a diet high in soybean oil caused increased weight gain and diabetes in mice. Because soybean oil is found in many foods consumed every day, we wanted to provide you with information that can help support a more informed conversation about a balanced diet and how food is produced.


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  • Issue Alert - Upcoming Report on GlyphosateJuly 15, 2015

    UPDATE (July 15, 2015)
    Following yesterday's issue alert, we learned that publication of IARC's report has been delayed until later this month. We'll keep you apprised of the timing as we learn more.

    ORIGINAL MESSAGE (July 14, 2015)
    On July 14, the International Agency on Research on Cancer will post a publication online regarding the potential carcinogenic effects of glyphosate. This topic has been in the news significantly since March when IARC announced their conclusion that glyphosate belongs in a 2A category as probably carcinogenic to humans, a category that includes professions such as barbers and fry cooks. Though glyphosate is widely used, it is understandable that consumers continue to have concerns about chemicals used in food production. This consumer interest about food production creates an opportunity for those of us in the food system to engage in a more informed conversation about how food is produced.

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